A lot of secret laboratories in our country were born during the cold war generation, but what were once carefully protected secrets now benefit people

One of these stunning discoveries was a device called SKENAR – SELF -- a biofeedback Neurologic-Adaptive Regulator.
In 1976 in one "closed" medical laboratory, the first SKENAR was born. This invention uses the best experience of European and eastern medicine and the latest achievements of engineering. Based upon the Finest Concepts of Western and Eastern Medical Theory
Proven in Over 27 Years of Clinical Trials

As of today more than 15 dissertations have been defended on SKENAR-therapy, and the devices SKENAR and DENAS are applied with success in practice among doctors of all specialities.
In 1987 the method of utilization was patented for its realization (SKENAR-devices). In further research and development the device was passed in a laboratory of Taganrog, Ekaterinburg and Chelyabinsk. Throughout the last 12 years there have been more than 20 improvements created and issued, from the most simple and reliable SKENAR-032A up to modern computer complexes. The SKENAR devices have found a use in space research, military special divisions, medical establishments of the most varied structure, sports clubs, beauty salons.
In 2001 in St. Petersburg a centre of SKENAR-therapy was created, where it is possible to receive qualified advice, treatment and to get the device SKENAR, DENAS and DIADENS for all categories users.

These devices are allowed to be used in medical practice by the order of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Registered Certificate 29, No. 199/40-5, August, 23, 1993. Safety of the device is guaranteed by the State license of Ministry of Health and the Medical Industry of the Russian Federation and certificates of conformity.

The Scenar is regulated by the United States Food and Drug Administration, under 21 CFR 882.5050. Generic name: device, biofeedback, Product Code HCC, Class II exempt from 510 (k) pre-market notification according to FDA Notice FR21ja98-84 as a battery powered, professional use device for relaxation training and muscle reeducation.

Additionally, biofeedback, as defined by the National Library of Medicine MedLine database, is a process that uses instrumentation to give a person immediate and continuous signals of change in their bodily functions of which they are usually unaware.


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